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'small kid sloka'
A successful welcoming done for a small kid SLOKA on her cradle cermony at Kodada . Received a heartful feed back from her mother vishnavi garu regarding the celebration.
Roses decoration is very favouret to every one in any occassion gives an eligant and traditional look .Roses and green leafy gives a beautiful look ..... For every awsome arrangement either small or big have a glance .we can sujjest you the best in your budjet....🌹🌹🌹🌹
Balloon decoration is one of the most populaor decorative articles widely used . Colourful balloons makes kids to play a lot and makes them stare for a while .It amzes the cute lill onz and says its you....celebrating your 1st birthday. Balloon decorations starts from 2000/ ...
welcoming cute lill kid on her Birthday Amazes a lot..... This plays an importent role making her day cheerfull for her parents . we make Lill Budjet Beethdays too which can favours to every one ...