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'cradle cermony'
A successful welcoming done for a small kid SLOKA on her cradle cermony at Kodada . Received a heartful feed back from her mother vishnavi garu regarding the celebration.
This is a new concept for a grand entry in a function. These are very buisy days to plan a grand celebration with a simple to grand budjets on single hand .U can plan any occassion with our help .we hear to help you for Birthdays , Cradle cermoneys, BirthdaysWeddings or any occassion you likes to celebrate. Stay tuned to see our updates every day.
A grand welcome on Ambari for a ROCKING LILL BOY on his dothi cermony ...😎😎😎 A princy arrangement poses like a actor PRABHAS in BAHUBHALI
A new arrival in a family is well celebrated.....The Naming Cermony..Name revial takes most importent is done very creatively .This makes people this situation. Many occassions and many celebrations .Every festival will be made memorable by us.
Flower jewllary for Bridal cermony ... These very pretty floral jewllary is a favourete for every bride.
Every occassion wants to be memorable can be happen unless every step of decoration iz done perfectly... This can be expected 100% from us Wedding hall decoration sangeeth setup Bridal cermony Haldi function arrangements Entertaining makeover mehandhi etc ..a complete wedding can be designed by us